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About agoy


agoy started in London with a love of yoga and a belief that yoga is for everyone. Our intention is to combine an ancient tradition with a modern way of living to support you in a life of health and happiness. By creating versatile and functional products, we aim to help you bring yoga and your daily life into ever closer harmony, and to do so with fun, joy and style.


The motivating force behind agoy has always been to be the most ground breaking yoga company around. We believe that it is our duty not only to bring you the finest quality products that fit your lifestyle, but also to produce those products with the kind of care and attention that is central to the message of yoga itself.


We are dedicated to create innovative products that inspire as well as perform. We are constantly exploring the interplay between design, material and performance in order to create the ultimate yoga experience.


We take great pride in producing products that are evaluated by visual appearance, performance and by the way they effect the environment. It is only when they have passed these tests that we know we have produced something that works for us, and hopefully for you.



- Lead the way in an exciting and challenging global yoga market by creating inspirational products that make people feel good.

- Create innovative products that inspire people through their yoga practice to live a fulfilled life.

- Show respects for customers, stakeholders, and environment. To try and leave everyone and everything better than how we found it.