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London Based Alexander Technique Teacher Combines His Passion For Yoga And Travel.

London Based Alexander Technique Teacher Combines His Passion For Yoga And Travel.

“I’ve taken it to so many countries now, and I know it folds beautifully into my case.”

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One of the earliest adopters of the Gecko Touch towel is Nick Brandon from London, a studio owner and longtime teacher of the Alexander Technique. Nick has worked for over two decades. He educates and inspires people to rediscover and develop their natural poise, presence and confidence in their respective professions. He helps his clients identify unhelpful, thinking, breathing and postural habits which are often the cause of stress, back pain and other musculoskeletal issues which limit and interfere with the natural flow, balance and healthy coordination of the body and mind. “I love what I do so wouldn’t consider it work,” says Nick.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending his time with his loved ones and connecting with himself. “It’s important to me to spend quality time with my family and love to cook wholesome organic food for family and friends,” says Nick, who is also a practitioner of yoga and meditation. “Being still in silence connects me to my higher self and recharges me.”

Nick has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and enjoys spending his time immersed in music, dance, and nature. When asked what drew him to yoga, he replied, “I have always been fascinated by the mystical, magical and spiritual and my favourite country is India which is steeped in these traditions.” Although he doesn’t have a favorite teacher or style of yoga, he loves to practice outdoors. “I enjoy yoga classes which aren’t too structured, there is flow, rhythm, fun, ease and a playful element. Not being too serious, there are too many teachers who forget to smile,” he says.

To support his practice, Nick choses to keep his yoga accessories to a minimum and the Gecko Touch towel is a must have for him. As an early adopter of the Gecko Touch, Nick loves the benefits of the towel when he is traveling. “I’ve taken it to so many countries now, and I know it folds beautifully into my case, which ensures I continue my daily practice no matter where I am” he explains. “I also really like the texture and feeling of it, it feels light, but strong.” He also finds that the design of the silicon is not only attractive, but also very practical. “The silicon which is woven into the towel gives it enough grip to prevent it from slipping enabling you to have a good practise!

What is your favourite book on spirituality or yoga? 
Awakening the Spine, Vanda Scaravelli.

Where would your ideal place be to practice yoga?
Close to the sea in a tropical country.

What would be your favourite piece of music to practice yoga to?
Traditional Indian ragas and Indian devotional music, someone like Ravi Shankar(See link below Ravi Shankar teaching George Harrison, lead guitarist of The Beatles)

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