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The Email From Yoga Teacher Raj Patra That Made Me Smile! : )

"The Gecko towel is sticky right from the start and remains equally sticky whether dry or wet!"

Once in a while, you’re grateful when something puts a huge smile on your face – opening this email was one of those moments for me. Raj clearly has a great knowledge of yoga, but also like me seems to have a fascination with all of its related products. I was impressed with how he sees the Gecko Touch fitting in with all the other yoga products out there. I always appreciate it when someone puts in so much effort and time to give us feedback. It’s not a quick read, but if you’re interested in getting a deeper understanding of the Gecko Touch it’s defiantly worth it!! 

Thanks Raj!  : )

(Read time approx. 1min. 45sec.)

Hi agoy,
I have been teaching yoga for the last 12 years and started practicing since I was about seven years old in India. Over the past decade I have taught internationally, taken my students on international retreats to Peru, India, Nepal, and trekked with yoga groups to the Himalayas, and owned two yoga studios in Portland OR. That is to say, I have seen the evolution of yoga over the past 40 years in India and USA, from the beginning of the Yoga Alliance and Lululemon, to the birth of hot yoga, to the world experimenting with hundreds of ‘yoga products’ that are not even related to yoga, simply to capitalize on this buzzword. 

A month ago, I got a hold of the agoy Gecko Touch Yoga Towel and have so far used it in about 16 yoga classes – a combination of Power Vinyasa, Hatha, and heated (104 degrees) and non-heated classes. I have also used Yogi Toes for the past several years, and Manduka’s and several other microfiber towels that are not worth mentioning here. I remember when Manduka’s Yogi Toes came out. There was an excitement around companies trying to solve the problem of slippery mats. I think agoy’s Gecko Touch is a similar milestone to create the solution for sweaty yoga.

The Gecko packaging gives you a sense of sophistication and environmental awareness, and the pouch bag is very handy in putting your wet towel in.

Pros & Cons:
Both sides of the Gecko Touch can be used, as opposed to only one side of the Yogi Toes towel. The fabric of Gecko Touch is more soft and substantial, and the weaving feels tighter (almost velvety). It is also much more sticky, very noticeably so when the towel is dry. I see students pour water on Yogi Toes to make it ‘sticky’ on mat – which is a tremendous waste. The Gecko towel is sticky right from the start and remains equally sticky whether dry or wet! 

As I started sweating profusely on the towel, it was completely absorbed, as one would expect. In fact, as I am writing this review, I am at the airport on my way to Cabo, Mexico, and I packed only my Gecko to use as the “lightest yoga mat on earth”. It is really that sticky, and absorbent. As someone who travels for yoga, this is a big deal. 

Washing is no different than any other towel. I dried in a dryer, as well as hang dried it an both work great. Gecko also fits a Manduka Eco and EcoLite mat dimensions perfectly, whereas Yogi toes is about 5 inches shorter.

Value for the money:
The Gecko Touch is about $10 more expensive than Yogi Toes. I believe that it is worth the extra. I will definitely purchase another Gecko towel. While it is easy to get used to the existing products, the thought, design, and material that has gone into creating Gecko makes you realize what you were missing. No more pouring water on towel before class starts, no more using your feet to straighten the wrinkles of your towel each time you return to downdog, just focus on your practice forgetting about the fuss about your mat and towel!

Raj Patra

Universal Yoga Class with Raj Patra from Raj on Vimeo.

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