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Yoga and I Didn’t Click At First – But Now It Keeps Me Sane!

Yoga and I Didn’t Click At First – But Now It Keeps Me Sane!

“I like to make myself comfortable before each class. That’s why I make sure my yoga accessories suit me.”

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Yoga is a practice that is spreading quickly around the world. Especially for those who live in stressful and demanding environments, yoga has proven to be a way for people to bring their awareness back to themselves.

Scarlett Chen is a young professional working as a consultant in Shanghai for one of the big four consulting firms. She started practicing yoga in 2013 while living in the U.S. when a friend invited her to her first yoga class. “Yoga and I didn’t click right away because I used to play more intense sports like basketball. So, I had an on-and-off relationship with yoga until after I moved to NYC,” says Scarlett. She found living in a big city to be quite overwhelming and decided to give yoga another try when she realized her gym was offering hot yoga classes. “I fell in love with hot yoga almost immediately. It is a different kind of intensity. I enjoyed a good sweat, but most importantly I loved having a peace of mind after each session,” she says.

Now Scarlett is working in one of Asia’s fastest growing cities, Shanghai. “Because of the nature of my job, I have a skewed work life balance,” she says. “Yoga is really the only thing that keeps me sane.” Because her practice has become such an important part of her life, Scarlett finds that it is necessary to own her own yoga accessories that help inspire her practice. “I like to make myself comfortable before each class. That’s why I make sure my yoga accessories suit me,” she explains. She began to practice with the Gecko Touch towel shortly after arriving in Shanghai. “I like the Gecko Touch for many reasons. One of the main reasons is it has a great grip. I don’t need to splash water on it to enhance the grip. Because of the design, it also stays on the mat well and I don’t need to pause my practice to fix the towel. I’ve used yoga towels from many different brands but nothing really gives the same grip as the Gecko Touch does. Gecko Touch also absorbs sweat well. That’s always important for a hot yoga lover,” says Scarlett. “Lastly, I love the texture. It’s so soft!”

Through yoga and with the help of accessories that enhance her practice, Scarlett continues to stay inspired on this path.

What is your favourite book on spirituality or yoga?
I don’t have a book on top of my mind now, but I’ve been loving this quote painted on a friend’s yoga studio in New York.  “Never let anyone steal your peace.”

Where would your ideal place be to practice yoga?
I always wanted to try practicing yoga in Bali or on the beach in LA with my girlfriends. 

What would be your favourite piece of music to practice yoga to?
I love soothing/zen music when I practice.

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