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This Chillhop Listening, Ukulele Playing New Yorker Has Discovered A Whole New Feel To Yoga.

This Chillhop Listening, Ukulele Playing New Yorker Has Discovered A Whole New Feel To Yoga.

With the hustle and bustle of this fast-paced modern life many of us are living in these days, it is important to find activities that help to center ourselves.

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Jezz Bold is a yogi and talented musician living in New York City where he works as a librarian at the Brooklyn Public Library. His yoga journey began during his senior year at the University of North Dakota when his friend invited him to a few yoga classes at the Wellness Center. “I was initially intimidated to participate because I was insecure about my flexibility (or lack thereof) and my presence as a man in a largely female space, but it felt good to stretch my body and expand my horizon of gender,” says Jezz. In the following years he continued to join his friends for yoga classes and now it has become an essential part of his health and well-being. Now he currently practices at Stacked Yoga, a small and intimate studio in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. “I love bouncing across the street to go to class at Stacked, but when I can’t manage that, I’m also a fan of Yoga with Adriene (on YouTube),” says Jezz.  

To support his practice, Jezz uses the Gecko Touch towel to place on top of the studio mats to bring something familiar and comfortable to the mat wherever he is. It is important to him that the towel is convenient, easy to grab and go, and that it offers a grippy surface that is also soft. “I love laying my forehead/face against it during a good long Child’s Pose,” he says. “While other yoga accessories like blocks, blankets, bolsters or straps are important for safety in my practice, the Gecko Touch towel is still very important to me because the comfort and support I get from it keep me coming back to the ground.

It isn’t always easy to consistently show up for your practice but with the proper support and tools, Jezz finds new ways to stay inspired in his practice.

What is your favourite inspirational book?
The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.

Where would your ideal place be to practice yoga?
On a mountain, in a forest, at the beach…almost anywhere out of doors!

What would be your favourite piece of music to practice yoga to?
Chillhop (lofi hip hop and chill beats).

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